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If you’re like us, you recently pulled out all your summer clothing from its hibernation in the back of your closet or under the bed.

And if you’re even more like us, you were a little… disappointed with how it all fit. Weren’t we just wearing these shorts a few months ago?? That winter struggle-bus is real…

Fortunately, there is a solution to getting back on track for the warmer months. Students in our Full Circle program have lost an average of 13 pounds, and more than a dozen students have dropped 20 pounds or more! (There is more than one story of students doing Full Circle multiple times and losing more than 50 POUNDS in the process.)

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Are you ready to dive in and set a foundation for summer that will stay with you all year long?

RJ was ready this past winter. Here’s a short video of his first impression of the program one week in:


The next generation of Full Circle begins on May 8, 2017. There’s still time to register!

Click here to read more and schedule an information session with our trainers to see if Full Circle is right for you. Imagine what you can achieve…

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