YogaCare began from a yogi’s genuine desire to make life easier

It was created from the belief that yoga is not just a practice – it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that changes your day to day.

As this is certainly not an easy task, YogaCare was created to facilitate this transformation in becoming the best version of yourself – permananently.

Our different programs and products compliment the mind, body, and soul in their journey towards each other. Look good, feel good, and have the right equipment in your yogi life.


Founded in 2007 by Ulises Calatayud, YogaCare was a pioneer in Mexico City, opening it’s first Bikram Yoga studio in Latin America.

It evolved to include Meditation, Reiki, the Full Circle program, yoga and meditation apparel and accessories, postures clinics & seminars and The Yoga Cup, an annual yoga posture competition organized by main sponsor YogaCare.

The family business rapidly grew, opened 8 yoga studios and stores in Mexico City and it’s first in New York City, ultimately established itself as an organization from yogis to yogis.


One of the things Ulises noticed over the years is that even though people practiced Bikram Yoga regularly, some people were still struggling to have a healthy body and mind.

In his studies of Yoga, he understood that the true practice comes not just with asana practice, but working the body, mind, and soul. He dedicated his life to giving back everything he had learnt form his teachers to the community.

He created a program called Full Circle which is based on this Yoga philosophy that will transform not who you are, but how you live.


YogaCare now looks to spread the word about this great healthy lifestyle we all strive to have and provide accessible resources for anyone wishing to partake. Our programs and products have been created from years of trial and error. We have taken our experience and our customers voice to perfect each item.

There’s no elite crowd here. We are not about judging. We are about doing. We love what we do and we want to share it with the world! Don’t hesitate to contact us at We are all about open and honest interaction!