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Student Stories: Rebuilding Elaine

This is an excerpt from a Full Circle student in a story series we call "Rebuilding." I'm grateful for every aspect of Full Circle this week, even the challenging parts of it. The way I've been eating has been such a welcome to my body. I'm no longer tired for no reason, and I feel that my focus has improved. Now, I nourish my body without thought. It's an awesome change for me. During this last mediation session, I was struck with the realization that the challenges I experienced during the week were learning moments. I now understand that it's through these challenges where I grow -- truly grow. I'm a person who has Epileptic seizures. They're not violent and they happen rather quickly. I've never let that stop...

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New Full Circle Students are Already Seeing Results

The latest iteration of Full Circle is three weeks in. The 25 students have been attending yoga, meditation, and even some boxing classes. Elaine, a native New Yorker, is no stranger to yoga, but she’s never incorporated it into a lifestyle program like Full Circle. “I started this program with hopes of creating a set of habits I could use throughout my life. The Yoga classes to me were just a plus.” Even in just three weeks, the students are transforming, shedding old habits and creating new ones that will stay with them for years to come. “This program is changing me so suddenly. I’m excited to see what the end result will be. I’ve never been in a program that had the focus on the entire being.” And the...