Student Stories: Rebuilding Carrie

This is an excerpt from a Full Circle student in a story series we call “Rebuilding.”

I was introduced to YogaCare when my office moved downtown. I was looking for a place to continue my love for Bikram yoga.

What initially attracted me to the Full Circle program was the chance to learn more about meditation and the hope that I might be able to finally remove sugar from my daily diet.

Some background: I am a true sugar addict. I was raised on sugar and I knew it was responsible for bringing down my energy levels as well as a host of other harmful things.


3 weeks into Full Circle, and I started to feel an incredible energy that shocked me. I was sleeping less, but getting a lot more accomplished with less downtime. It’s hard to put into words (you really need to feel it to believe it), but I found myself wanting to do more all the time.

I didn’t exactly know how significant the changes in nutrition would be in growing stronger and feeling better, but it has been so incredible.

During our meditation, there is a reference to the concept of Renovation. This is the perfect way to describe what we are doing in Full Circle. I have always worked out regularly, but this program is designed to renovate your body, mind, and soul at the exact pace they need in order to build a new lifestyle. For me, that is the most valuable aspect of this program.

We are now 6 weeks in, and my body is the same great establishment with the same name — just under new management!

This program is basically 24/7 access to the best tools that truly enhance your life. I don’t want it to end. However, when it does, I know I am walking away with an Ivy League degree in life.



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